We have added Web Resources section to the website. We hope this will help you to find the websites you need for web designs, photography images and tools more quickly and easily. The Resources are divided into the following categories:

  1. Free Fonts: Download free premium fonts that you can use for graphic design or web design works.
  2. Free Icons: Images to use as favicon or web design icons for your client’s website.
  3. Free Stock Photos: Websites that provides royalty free images that are free for commercial use.
  4. Image Search Engines: To find all kinds of images and perform reverse image search (original image source) on the Web.
  5. Photo Editor: List of the best online and desktop, free and commercial photo editors.
  6. Photo Gallery Scripts: Script or CMS to build website to showcase your photos.
  7. Photography: List of famous photographers in the world to see and appreciate their work.
  8. Photo Sharing: If you don’t want to host your own website, these photo sharing services allow you to store and share your work to give you more exposure on the Web.
  9. Public Domain Images: Images that are completely free and don’t require attribution to the original authors.
  10. Wallpaper: Beautiful nature and artistic photo wallpapers for your phone, tablet or computer.
  11. If you know any websites that deserve to the in the list, just let us know and we will add them to the list too!

Our big news today (Sep 5th, 2013) is that we have changed domain name from StockPhotoGram.com to StockPhotos.io. The reasons behind the decision are:

  1. “Stock Photos” is the main keyword we are targetting with this website
  2. Fortunately for us, StockPhotos.io domain was still available
  3. .io (Indian Ocean) domains are now treated as Generic Country Code Top Level Domain by Google
  4. .io domains are popular with new startup companies because computer geeks see .io as “input/output”, “in/out”, “inbound/outbount”, etc.

While most domain registrars (including the main registrar nic.io) charge around $90, you can registrar with Gandi.net for only $39. If you have an interesting keyword, go ahead and grab your domain name before someone else does!

We hope you like the change!

Today (May 5th, 2013), we are proud to have launched our new Stock Photo website. This website will act as a platform for members to share the best quality photos that are allowed to make commercial use of the work by giving credits to the original authors.

For more information about why we’ve created this site, please refer to:

About StockPhotoGram

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any feedback on how we can make our website a better place, please do contact us and we would like to hear from you.